The Alakazam package


alakazam in a member of the Immcantation framework of tools and serves five main purposes:

  • Providing core functionality for other R packages in Immcantation. This includes common tasks such as file I/O, basic DNA sequence manipulation, and interacting with V(D)J segment and gene annotations.
  • Providing an R interface for interacting with the output of the pRESTO and Change-O tool suites.
  • Performing clonal abundance and diversity analysis on lymphocyte repertoires.
  • Performing lineage reconstruction on clonal populations of immunoglobulin (Ig) sequences.
  • Performing physicochemical property analyses of lymphocyte receptor sequences.

For additional details regarding the use of the alakazam package see the vignettes: browseVignettes("alakazam")

File I/O

Sequence cleaning

Lineage reconstruction

Lineage topology analysis

  • tableEdges: Tabulate annotation relationships over edges.
  • testEdges: Significance testing of annotation edges.
  • testMRCA: Significance testing of MRCA annotations.
  • summarizeSubtrees: Various summary statistics for subtrees.
  • plotSubtrees: Plot distributions of summary statistics for a population of trees.

Diversity analysis

Ig and TCR sequence annotation

Sequence distance calculation

  • seqDist: Calculate Hamming distance between two sequences.
  • seqEqual: Test two sequences for equivalence.
  • pairwiseDist: Calculate a matrix of pairwise Hamming distances for a set of sequences.
  • pairwiseEqual: Calculate a logical matrix of pairwise equivalence for a set of sequences.

Amino acid propertes


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