Version 0.2.6: March 21, 2017


  • License changed to Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).
  • Removed data.table dependency and added readr dependency.
  • Performance improvements in readChangeoDb and writeChangeoDb.

Version 0.2.5: August 5, 2016


  • Fixed a bug in seqDist() wherein distance was not properly calculated in some sequences containing gap characters.
  • Added stop and gap characters to getAAMatrix() return matrix.

Version 0.2.4: July 20, 2016


  • Added Rcpp and data.table dependencies.
  • Modified readChangeoDb() to wrap data.table::fread() instead of utils::read.table() if the input file is not compressed.
  • Ported testSeqEqual(), getSeqDistance() and getSeqMatrix() to C++ to improve performance of collapseDuplicates() and other dependent functions.
  • Renamed testSeqEqual(), getSeqDistance() and getSeqMatrix() to seqEqual(), seqDist() and pairwiseDist(), respectively.
  • Added pairwiseEqual() which creates a logical sequence distance matrix; TRUE if sequences are identical, FALSE if not, excluding Ns and gaps.
  • Added translation of ambiguous and gap characters to X in translateDNA().
  • Fixed bug in collapseDuplicates() wherein the input data type sanity check would cause the vignette to fail to build under R 3.3.
  • Replaced the ExampleDb.gz file with a larger, more clonal, ExampleDb data object.
  • Replaced ExampleTrees with a larger set of trees.
  • Renamed multiggplot() to gridPlot().

Amino Acid Analysis:

  • Set default to normalize=FALSE for charge calculations to be more consistent with previously published repertoire sequencing results.

Diversity Analysis:

  • Added a progress argument to rarefyDiversity() and testDiversity() to enable the (previously default) progress bar.
  • Fixed a bug in estimateAbundance() were the function would fail if there was only a single input sequence per group.
  • Changed column names in data and summary slots of DiversityTest to uppercase for consistency with other tools.
  • Added dispatching of plot to plotDiversityCurve for DiversityCurve objects.

Gene Usage:

  • Added sortGenes() function to sort V(D)J genes by name or locus position.
  • Added clone argument to countGenes() to allow restriction of gene abundance to one gene per clone.

Topology Analysis:

  • Added a set of functions for lineage tree topology analysis.
  • Added a vignette showing basic tree topology analysis.

Version 0.2.3: February 22, 2016


  • Fixed a bug wherein the package would not build on R < 3.2.0 due to changes in base::nchar().
  • Changed R dependency to R >= 3.1.2.

Version 0.2.2: January 29, 2016


  • Updated license from CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 to CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.
  • Internal changes to conform to CRAN policies.

Amino Acid Analysis:

  • Fixed bug where arguments for the aliphatic() function were not being passed through the ellipsis argument of aminoAcidProperties().
  • Improved amino acid analysis vignette.
  • Added check for correctness of amino acids sequences to aminoAcidProperties().
  • Renamed AA_TRANS to ABBREV_AA.


  • Added evenness and bootstrap standard deviation to rarefyDiversity() output.


  • Added ExampleTrees data with example output from buildPhylipLineage().

Version 0.2.1: December 18, 2015


  • Removed plyr dependency.
  • Added dplyr, lazyeval and stringi dependencies.
  • Added strict requirement for igraph version >= 1.0.0.
  • Renamed getDNADistMatrix() and getAADistMatrix() to getDNAMatrix and getAAMatrix(), respectively.
  • Added getSeqMatrix() which calculates a pairwise distance matrix for a set of sequences.
  • Modified default plot sizing to be more appropriate for export to PDF figures with 7-8 inch width.
  • Added multiggplot() function for performing multiple panel plots.

Amino Acid Analysis:

  • Migrated amino acid property analysis from Change-O CTL to alakazam. Includes the new functions gravy(), bulk(), aliphatic(), polar(), charge(), countPatterns() and aminoAcidProperties().


  • Added support for unusual TCR gene names, such as ‘TRGVA*01’.
  • Added removal of ‘D’ label (gene duplication) from gene names when parsed with getSegment(), getAllele(), getGene() and getFamily(). May be disabled by providing the argument strip_d=FALSE.
  • Added countGenes() to tabulate V(D)J allele, gene and family usage.


  • Added several functions related to analysis of clone size distributions, including countClones(), estimateAbundance() and plotAbundance().
  • Renamed resampleDiversity() to rarefyDiversity() and changed many of the internals. Bootstrapping is now performed on an inferred complete relative abundance distribution.
  • Added support for inclusion of copy number in clone size determination within rarefyDiversity() and testDiversity().
  • Diversity scores and confiderence intervals within rarefyDiversity() and testDiversity() are now calculated using the mean and standard deviation of the bootstrap realizations, rather than the median and upper/lower quantiles.
  • Added ability to add counts to the legend in plotDiversityCurve().

Version 0.2.0: June 15, 2015

Initial public release.


  • Added citations for the citation("alakazam") command.

Version 0.2.0.beta-2015-05-30: May 30, 2015


  • Added more error checking to buildPhylipLineage().

Version 0.2.0.beta-2015-05-26: May 26, 2015


  • Fixed issue where buildPhylipLineage() would hang on R 3.2 due to R change request PR#15508.

Version 0.2.0.beta-2015-05-05: May 05, 2015

Prerelease for review.